3 Reasons Synthetic Turf Can Be an Eco-Friendly Choice

3 Reasons Synthetic Turf Can Be an Eco-Friendly Choice

Many people assume that the best way to be eco-friendly is to be as natural as possible. This may not always be true when it comes to outdoor ground cover. Modern synthetic turfs actually have a lot of eco-friendly benefits. Here are three of the reasons you can help the environment by choosing synthetic turf.


1.    Synthetic Turf Uses No Water


Lawns are often over watered, which can be wasteful and harmful to the environment, especially in drought-affected areas. Artificial ground cover does not need to be watered like a real lawn and generally needs very little maintenance.

2.    Synthetic Turf Does Not Need to Be Mowed


Grass clippings can be composted after you mow a real lawn, but the emissions from gas mowers may outweigh the benefits of composting. Gas mowers result in millions of gallons of spilled fuel each year and can pollute the atmosphere with:

  • Harmful carcinogens
  • Ozone precursors
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide

Since artificial grass never grows, there is no need to risk your family’s and the earth’s health with a gas-powered mower.

3.    Synthetic Turf May Include Recycled Components

Depending on the brand you purchase, synthetic turf may be made with recycled plastics. This is another way to be more eco-friendly and reduce your overall environmental footprint.

To reduce water use, cut down on toxic emissions and use more recycled materials, consider covering your lawn with synthetic turf for a surprisingly eco-friendly grass alternative. For more information about turf grass in Morgan Hill, visit this website.

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