5 Ways Boulders Create Great Aesthetics for Your Garden

Boulders create a rugged, natural look to any outdoor space. These huge rocks create the feeling of living close to nature far away from the stress and strain of the modern world. Just as trees and greenery add a feeling peace and freshness, boulders can communicate serenity as well as strength. Boulders seem like part of the environment and can blend organically to the space that surrounds them. They can also pick up a color or a theme that occurs in the surroundings and can seem to extend nature. People use boulders for landscaping in many ways.

First, boulders create a natural setting. Our natural surroundings seem to be simply what we have been given, but working with large rocks can actually allow you to sculpt nature itself and create spaces that seem to have been there to begin with. Adding boulders to the pre-existing rock formations can create a striking effect, and make it appear that the undeveloped area surrounding your home is larger.

Second, boulders can be works of art. Boulders do not have to be regular large rocks, but a number of artists have transformed these giant stones into unique shapes. Some carve round ball-like formations out of boulders while still revealing the natural beauty of the rock itself. This boulder art can pick up on aesthetic patterns that are used in other aspects of your outdoor décor.

Third, boulders can serve as a kind of frame for outdoor sculptures. The purpose of a picture frame is not to distract us from a painting, but to guide our eyes toward the painting. Similarly with outdoor sculptures. Boulders can act as frames that draw one’s attention in towards the work of art. In addition, boulders complement outdoor art with a natural touch. Fourth, boulders are an important part of a Zen garden. The purpose of a Zen garden is to guide the mind toward contemplation of nature and peaceful meditation. The boulders are juxtaposed well with the smoothness of stone tiles and natural vegetation in a Zen garden.

Fourth, boulders can define different outdoor spaces and serve as transitions or dividers between one type of space and the next. Place boulders alongside a path from a swimming pool to an orchard and create something to see on the way from one area to another. Fifth, place boulders in a child’s garden as safe places to climb and explore. Kids love the outdoors, and boulders can give them a backdrop for their adventures.

Explore the possibilities of using boulders to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Consult professionals on how to make rugged and striking boulders a part of your garden or patio. Check out this website for Boulders in Gilroy.


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